Vegans Out to Eat!

One of the most persistent questions I get from people who are veg-curious is about eating outside the home. Obviously, when you are shopping for and cooking all of your food, it’s easy to meet all the requirements for a healthful and compassionate diet, but what do you do when you’re not at home? Many people I’ve met honestly feel like they could be vegan, or vegetarian at home, but it’s just too hard when out. However, I have been surprised and delighted by the plethora of vegan friendly options I have found when eating out at restaurants, whether they be fine dining or fast food. I have to take this as a sign of the positive shift in attitudes toward a plant based diet. It may also be a consequence of the fact that I live in an extraordinarily health conscious and progressive part of the world (the San Francisco Bay Area). So, I’d like to make the transition to a plant based lifestyle just a little more effortless with this compendium of vegan friendly restaurants and entrĂ©es at such. Because the people I love are scattered across the country, I will also try to extend this list past just local area restaurants. I will also be updating it as regularly as I have the pleasure of discovering these compassionate havens, so keep coming back!

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Italian and Pizza




Quick Eats!