Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Green Juice

Trust me when I say I am not a health nut. I know I present a lot of healthy foods on this blog, and I am...ahem, a vegan. But, still, I would rather eat cookies, cupcakes, and deep fried delights than raw fruits and vegetables any day. All of which is why I’m a little surprised by my new food obsession: green juice. We’ve recently acquired a juicer  in my house, and it has proven revolutionary. Let me clarify something; there is a huge difference between a citrus juicer and a juice extractor. A citrus juicer is a mechanized version of a reamer, efficiently squeezing the juice from your citrus fruits while straining out the pulp and seeds. A juice extractor is a machine into which you place barely chopped fruits and vegetables, and it centrifuges liquid from solid, depositing a smooth, thin, juice of the aforementioned fruits and veggies. It is like harvesting the essence of a cucumber, a pear, a bunch of parsley, which is just as delicious and energizing as it sounds. I know it seems scary, but I promise it’s not. I have never felt as nurtured and refreshed as the mornings I start with green juice. This particular blend is watermelon, cucumber, and kale, but there are no rules or recipes for this. Just juice what you have and what sounds good to you, although the more emphasis you can put on vegetables, the better. ÀVotre Santé!

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