Saturday, February 12, 2011

Frog Hollow Peach Scones

I’ve already shared these spectacular barley scones with you, but I wanted to share my latest iteration in case you needed a little more incentive to try them in your home.

What makes these scones so marvelous is their malleability; any kind of jam can be used, and spotlighted, between the twin buttery crusts of this light and savory-sweet scone. A few weeks ago, I was at my favorite of all grocery stores, Berkeley Bowl. Upon first entering, it looks like your average grocery store, but what makes this place truly special is the variety of items they carry. Two aisles are devoted to bulk bins of nuts, seeds, pastas, cereals, grains, flours, powders, and more. Berkeley Bowl is where I go if I want to find something that no one else has. They also have an extraordinary produce section full of fresh, local, seasonal, organic, and abundant fruits and vegetables. And, in any given aisle, you will find more, and better choices of every prepared food you can imagine.

So, after making these scones the first time, I was ineluctably drawn to the jam aisle, and I was blown away to discover something I never even knew existed: Frog Hollow Peach Conserve. Frog Hollow peaches are something of a legend in this area. They are only available for a very limited period at the end of the summer. They are so perfect that Alice Waters, the original locavore, serves them unadorned, solo on a plate. If you visit the Frog Hollow stand in Ferry Plaza during peach season, they will respectfully ask whether you would like to enjoy your peach now, or take it home. If you say that you would like it now, they will ask how you would like your peach prepared; sliced, diced, or simply washed. This is the height of food snobbery...and I love it!

I hope this will inspire you to scout out your neighborhood grocery for a spectacular jam that will do justice to these scones.

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