Monday, June 13, 2011

Vegan Products I Love: Il Pastaio

This might be my very favorite time of year. I say this for two reasons: first, it’s the beginning of summer, a time of sunshine and heat, where everything wonderful lies ahead, not behind; second, these are the very few weeks a year when Trader Joe’s has exquisitely beautiful pink peonies. They are, by far, the most beautiful flower, evolving in size, shape, and even color over their unfortunately brief life.

The best way to spend sunshiney Sunday mornings is at the farmer’s market, and my local one is especially vegan friendly. I’ve highlighted All Star Tamales here before, beloved for their veggie stuffed tamales and tangy tomatillo sauce. But my first foray into vegan products came courtesy of Il Pastaio. They have a wide variety of fresh noodles and stuffed pastas, and several vegan options. The owners are deeply committed to their product, educating every patron on the exact method for preparing perfect pasta. I am especially satisfied by the vegetable and butternut squash raviolis. They are the perfect thing to keep in the freezer and prepare some lazy Friday night with a simple tomato or pesto sauce. These tender, hearty raviolis are worth the trip to Walnut Creek!

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