Saturday, August 20, 2011

Vegan in Rochester, Emphasis on the "Non-Fanatic," IV

Sunday was truncated by our return flight home, but we had just enough time for a last breakfast at the Holiday Inn and lunch with my grandmother. Since my aunt will surely be terrifying her palate with flavors she can’t even pronounce, we decided to do my grandmother a mitzvah and take her to the Cheesecake Factory. Although you wouldn’t guess it, there are several vegan friendly options on that 18th century novel of a menu! We started with the lettuce wraps with mushrooms instead of chicken. Stuffed with shredded carrots, curried noodles, and three sauces, it was literally finger-lickin’ good. The main course was a Thai Peanut Linguine which was actually my favorite dish on the menu even before I became vegan. Happily stuffed and ready for home, we said goodbye to Rochester, pleasantly surprised but not too eager to return. My grandmother even sent us with a parting gift, her specialty: peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. 

Peanut butter & jelly on a paper plate and a placemat, the way my grandmother would serve it.
The point of all this, besides giving you a peek into my enviable jet-setting lifestyle, is to demonstrate that with a little flexibility, you can be vegan anywhere. While not necessarily 100% vegan, we ate compassionately, well, and variedly. And I never once had to eat an iceberg lettuce salad!


  1. Well, if Bill Clinton can be a vegan I guess Granda Edie can too!

  2. c.keenan@wolcott-park.comSeptember 15, 2011 at 10:05 AM

    I love your blog. You have a lot of really good information. I found it when I was googling rochester vegans (since I live in the Rochester area). The Owl House is my favorite! Luckily i love it...since it's one my only options!!! :)